Opening For Teacher's

COTW- Grade III and Diwali celebrations



Grade 3 of Orchids The International School-Malad, the most renowned school in Orlem conducted the Assembly session in relation to Diwali celebrations on 30th October 2015.The assembly started off with a prayer followed by a skit on the exile of Ram and his victory over Ravana (the story behind Diwali celebrations). Avishi spoke about the importance of Diwali and the way it is celebrated. Few students enthusiastically sang a Diwali song and the surprise package was the pre-primary kids who made a guest appearance in their Halloween avatar!! Dressed as witches and zombies these tiny tots looked extremely cute! They also spoke about why Halloween is celebrated. Various activities were conducted for students of different grades in the later periods. Grade I made Diwali greeting cards , Grade II decorated the diyas, Grade III made torans and Grade V made lanterns which added to the festivity. Grade 4 participated in rangoli making along with their mothers. Later, a dance party was held in which all students participated enthusiastically. The students looked adorable in their traditional costumes and enjoyed the day a lot!