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Dad and Me-Cricket tournament


A very memorable event- a friendly cricket match “Dad and me” was organized on the school grounds on 17th October 2015 for Grade 5 students by Orchids the International School-Malad, a top ranked school in Orlem. The houses which took part were Daffodils and Carnation which formed one team of Orchids Challengers, and Tulip and Marigold which formed another team – Orchids Rockers. The teams arrived at 8:00 AM and began to practice with much enthusiasm. The Principal tossed the coin, and Orchids Challengers won the toss and decided to bat. The ten overs match started with a warm-up activity and instructions were given about the rules of the match. It started at 9:00 am and got over by 11:00 am with a short break of 15 mins in between the innings. Orchids Challengers were at their best. Ultimately Orchids Challengers won the tournament. The energy, enthusiasm and sportsmanship displayed by both teams was amazing to watch.Best bowlers and best batsman awards were given to the teams in order to ensure that both teams were motivated. Simar Ubhi and Krisha Sanghvi were awarded as best bowlers, and Hanshal Gandhi was awarded as best batsman. The parents and students enjoyed each and every moment of it!