Opening For Teacher's

Guest Lecture – Air Hostess – Nursery


The visit of an Air hostess was organized on the 16th of October 2015 at Orchids The International School-Malad, the most famous school in Kandivali for the Nursery Grade to familiarize children with the roles and responsibilities of an air hostess, to recapitulate air transport through the session and to expose the children to basic rules and regulations to be followed while travelling by airplane. The Air hostess first introduced herself and then addressed the children by providing a lot of information about the various procedures involved from the moment we enter the airport till the time we get inside the flight. The rules to be followed within the aircraft were also explained. Later a presentation regarding all these procedures was also shown to the children. The children were very excited to see the whole presentation and were actively involved in the discussion. In the end all the children thanked her and as a token of appreciation a ‘thank you’ card was given to her.