Opening For Teacher's

Visit to a pet shop- K1 & K2



Orchids the International School-Malad, a leading CBSE school close to Kandivali organized a ‘VISIT TO A PET SHOP’ on 8th October for the children of K1 and K2 grades. The visit was conducted to educate children about different kinds of pet animals and to create awareness amongst children on how to take care of pet animals and be sensitive to them. The children were very excited to go to the pet shop. They had fun inside the bus on the way to the pet shop. They were very happy to see the different kinds of pets in the shop like rabbits, varieties of fish, different kinds of birds, hare, tortoise etc. They were taken for a round in the shop and were explained about the different types of pets. The children thanked the owner of the pet shop and gave him a ‘thank you’ card on behalf of the school.