Dramatization of the story Lion and the Rabbit – K1



The students of Grade K1 of Orchids The International School-Masjid Bunder, a well reputed CBSE school near Marine Lines, had a theme on the topic ‘Animals’ for the term. The teachers dramatized the story, ‘The Lion and the Rabbit’. The backdrop of the stage in the Multi Purpose Hall had the setup of a jungle. The teachers role- played as different animals living in the jungle. The story was about a wise rabbit who tricks a lion into believing that there is another lion in the jungle who claims to be more powerful .The lion is tricked and taken to a well. The foolish lion believes his own reflection to be the other lion. He in his anger slips and falls into the well. All the animals rejoice as now there will be no one to eat up the animals of the jungle. The students watched it with sheer excitement and clapped as they saw the lion fall into the well. They thoroughly enjoyed watching the skit.