National Karate Competition



‘Winning and losing is not important when compared to participation & perfecting one’s skills.’  The 4th National Karate Do Championship, organised by “Japan Karate-Do Nobukawa-ha Shito-Ryu Kai India” on 2nd & 3rd December at Pune, Maharashtra witnessed a participation of more than 800 candidates from Maharashtra, Telangana, Kerala, Rajasthan, Assam and West Bengal.


Under the directorship of the Principal instructor Mr. Naresh Sharma, a great opportunity and platform was provided to the student athletes of Orchids-The International School-Pallagaly to evaluate their martial arts skills and become ‘National Champion of Nobu Kawa Ha-Shitoryu’.


However, the habit of winning prolonged and competing in various categories of Kata & Kumite event, our students of JKNSKI Maharashtra team stood first persistently fourth time and became the ‘Grand Champions’. JKNSKI Rajasthan became first runner-up and JKNSKI Kerala secured 3rd place in medal tally. Hearty congratulations & a big thanks to JKNSKI Sensei’s, officials, referees, judges, members, supporters, parents and last but not the least the following Karateka’s for performing at their best in the tournament under the leadership of Mr. Amrut Shinde:


Shravani Sonawane secured the first place in the Kata Competition.  Winners of Kata Competition who secured the second position are Anosh Mestry, Zaigam Abbas and Kush Jain.  The ones who secured the third position are Aryaman Jain, Jinay Shah, Pranat Jain, Saishree Patne, Areeb Ansari, Sarjeel Usmani, Batul Karva, Kavya Shah, Uttkarsh Sonawane and Paksh Jain.  In Kumite Competition Aryaman Jain, Jinay Shah and Shravani Sonawane secured the second position, whereas Pranat Jain, Saishree Patne, Anosh Mestry, Areeb Ansari, Sarjeel Usmani, Batul Karva, Kavya Shah and Uttkarsh Sonawane secured the third position.


Our Teachers are no less, Ms. Varsha Shinde won Bronze Medals in both Kata as well as Kumite Competition and Ms. Nikita Jadhav bagged a Silver Medal in Kumite Competition and a Bronze Medal in Kata Competition.


Kudos and more power to our karateka’s and their mentors!!