Nursery – Festival Celebration



The theme for Nursery students of Orchids The International School-Masjid Bunder , a great CBSE school in Masjid Bunder, was on the topic ‘Festivals’. Children were taught about different religions and also about the festivals celebrated in India. Students were able to understand and appreciate the way in which various religions co-exist in India. As a culmination to the theme, the school organized an event, ‘Festival Celebration’ on 4th December 2015. Children participated along with parents, representing different festivals. They wore beautiful clothes representing their choice of festival and spoke a few lines while taking part in the ramp walk. Parents and children were enthusiastic to be a part of this event and it was a magnificent opportunity for them to bond and interact. After the event, students took part in a ‘Making Bunting’ activity for which parents provided assistance.