Pre- Nursery & Nursery -Visit of a Florist



Pre-Nursery & Nursery students of Orchids The International School – Palagully, a top ranked school near CST, had the theme ‘Flowers’ and on 2nd February 2016, the school arranged for a ‘Visit of a florist’. The classrooms were decorated with beautiful flowers and the children eagerly awaited the visit of the guest. The florist displayed a variety of flowers – rose, marigold, sunflower etc. in the classroom and the children were thrilled to see them. The florist then introduced himself and spoke about his profession and then showed children various flowers, which they were able to identify. Children got an opportunity to touch and feel the flowers and the florist also explained that it is not right to pluck flowers and the importance of having greenery in our surroundings. He also displayed his skill of arranging flowers into an attractive bouquet. Children had a lovely time interacting with the florist and were excited to watch him create the beautiful bouquet!