Red Day– Nursery


The Nursery students were introduced to the colour ‘Red’. The ambience of the class was enhanced, keeping in mind the theme and the concept. The teachers decorated the classes with red streamers, festoons, balloons and mobile hangings of fruits like cherries, strawberries etc. Teachers were dressed in red attire and the students were also asked to be dressed in red clothes. To add to the surprise factor, parents were requested to send some red fruit or food in the snack box.
The teacher with a paint brush painted half of the white chart paper with red paint to show the difference between both the colours. The students then came out and painted their creativity on the other half. Later as a group activity, on a big cut out of an apple, the students did bubble wrap painting. The colour ‘Red ‘, was thus reinforced thoroughly for the day and all was done in a play way method. It was a fun filled day and the students enjoyed a lot.