Opening For Teacher's

Basic math and number concepts held for K1


Basic math and number concepts utilized in a preschool or kindergarten classroom set the foundation for learning more advanced math concepts. . Math learning is most exciting for children when hands-on manipulatives are incorporated. Manipulation gives children tangible representations of the otherwise abstract concepts related to numbers and counting.
So to cater to this skill K1 class had arranged for number counting activity in which child had to identify the number as well as had to count the pictures and match it. To conduct this activity class was divided in 2 groups. One group was given number flashcards and the other group picture card. As the teacher called out random number (1-10) the child from 1st group came with number flashcard and the child from 2nd group with picture card matching to the number called out came and both the cards were matched.
This activity helped children in recognizing the number as well as counting the pictures and matching to the number.