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EID Celebration


Eid is the day which marks the end of Ramadan- the Islamic month of fasting. This festival that upholds the spirit of brotherhood and love was celebrated on 5th July 2016 at Orchids-The International School, Thane (OIST). The special assembly was held on this day, the students dazzled the stage by breath taking performances. The skits were presented by little actors and actresses of OIST. From primary section, the little sweethearts of grade I stole the hearts of everyone when they presented their dialogues in proper Hindi accent and suitable voice intonations. The enthusiastic and confident students of grade IV also enacted their skit wearing costumes of Islamic styles. Through their drama they conveyed the message of sacrifice for the humanity. The young hearts promised their parents to share the Eidi which they received with those who were needy. Thus, the richness of the culture and enlightening values were imbibed in the students.  Celebrating multifarious cultures and festivals symbolises the unity of an international community, which our school takes pride in. This celebration had foot tapping, energetic dances, on the tunes of which everybody waved their hands. The dancers from grade V and IV rocked the stage wishing everyone- “Eid Mubarak” and awoke the wave of cheerfulness among all. Music entwined into miraculous words creates an inexorable magic. The singers from grade III cast this magic spell on audience. They sang the poetry depicting the enchanting celebrations when the moon rises in the sky. To commemorate the occasion of Eid Ul Fitr, the scholarly students also expressed their thoughts about this. The Principal addressed the assembly congratulating all the performers and the heads and hearts who stood behind the scenes to run the show. The colourful, bright campus of OIST was overflowing, with the overwhelming wishes of “Eid Mubarak”. On this happy note we extend our warm wishes -Eid Mubarak to you all!!!