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Fittest Mother and Child


Fittest Mother and Child’s event was conducted on the 28th Nov 2015 by Orchids The International School-Thane, the most reputed International school in Thane City. After the warm – up activity the parents went to the ground where two stations of events were set up comprising of 8-9 activities each. Activities in each station had different levels of difficulty and parents were divided according to child’s grade among the two stations. There was an aerobic session in the beginning and one of the ground rules was that no mother could leave the child and move to the next activity. The winners were decided based on the timing and number of activities correctly attempted with their child. Around 125 parents participated in the event and the objective of conducting this event was to highlight the importance of exercise and fitness and healthy lifestyle and to nurture mother-child bonding. The parents and children had a glorious time participating in all the activities!