Opening For Teacher's

Grade 3 Social Studies Activities


Understanding the solar system at age 9 is challenging and beyond some children. Developmentally they aren’t “there yet.” However, the concepts are comfortably absorbed by the little young scientists when those are brought down to the concrete level. Study of solar system by creating replica actually gave the opportunity to the students to scale up on the ladder of knowledge from concrete to abstract.
Five teams enthusiastically worked on the mission to create the model of solar system, stars and constellations. The children blew the balloons of different sizes and colours to represent the planets in the solar system. They drew orbits on the card board. Placing the sun in the center they mounted the planets as per the sequence. “My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Noodles.” – This mnemonic came to their rescue in sequencing. The details like moons, Saturn ring were also displayed.
Two teams imagined the sky at starry nights and portrayed the same on the chart paper. Their eyes filled with zeal to learn more about luminous celestial bodies. Another crew of astronomers zoomed out their telescope of imagination to watch recognizable patterns from those scattered stars. They depicted these constellations on the sheet of chart papers by using stickers, stars. The activity was assessed on the parameters like teamwork, orderliness and attractiveness. Overall, the learning experience was highly enjoyable. It boosted their confidence to seek more information about their dreamy world of astronomy.