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Grade 4 – Role Play in English Literature


Grade 4 students of Orchids The International School-Thane, the most prominent CBSE school in Thane City were engaged in a role play activity during their English Literature period based on the story ‘Larry Will Learn’. The objective of the role play was to enable students to speak using proper voice modulation, intonation and to enjoy humorous stories. The students from both the sections portrayed the characters of the story, namely- Larry, his mother, the baker, the landlord, the butter-factory worker, washer-man, butcher, dairy owner, rich husband and wife, their sad daughter. Students brought the story alive with their appropriate actions and interesting dialogues! The narrator linked the gaps between the scenes and expressed the emotions of various characters with appropriate voice modulation. The cut-outs of donkey, cow, trays, bags, sacks, bowls etc. were also used by the students. Larry tossing the coins up high in the air, pouring the milk in his pocket, holding the block of butter on head, wrapping the cat given by the baker by wet leaves, carrying the sausages by attaching them to the string and at the peak of stupidity carrying the donkey given by washer-man on the shoulders – these were some of the funny actions which the students enjoyed the most! Students had a fun time watching lazy Larry and also learnt the importance of using common sense and working hard.