Grandparents Day


‘Grandparents are rich people with silver in their hair and gold in their hearts.’

As a child grows up, he/she will encounter dozens of teachers, but there cannot be any replacement for grandparents. Grandparents have a goldmine store of knowledge. Not all grandparents may possess bookish knowledge, but they have a wealth of real life experiences and information to share, which is not taught in any of the schools out there. Grandparents are like shady trees that has an ever welcoming attitude towards life. They are always there to offer their cool shade to the next generation. It seems that they have all the love, affection and warmth in the world stored within them. The unconditional warmth and infinite love create a special bond between the two generations. To celebrate this special bond between the two generations ‘Orchids the International School Thane’ organized ‘The Grandparents day’ on Saturday 16th September, 2017 for the entire pre-primary section. Theme for this grand event was ‘Halloween’ and to our pleasant surprise most of the grandparents and grandchildren came dressed up in wonderful Halloween characters. Full ambience was decorated with Halloween characters, pumpkins, etc. One of the grandma got a beautiful Halloween pumpkin while another grandpa distributed sweets to all the teachers present there as token of celebration. The event was full of fun activities. Event was concluded with the dance party with all. They all appreciated and thanked the Orchids Team showering their blessings and went with the smile on face.