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All kids need is a little help, hope and someone who believes them. We believe in our students’ strength. On every Monday under write Right program Orchidians practise handwriting which is an incredibly important exercise for children, enabling them to develop fine motor skills, confidence and most importantly their very own style. This weekly practice raised the interest and enthusiasm about developing fine handwriting.
Handwriting reflects one’s personality traits like neatness, accuracy, clarity of thoughts and creativity. Handwriting influences reading, creative writing, language and critical thinking. To promote legible and beautiful handwriting Orchids-The international School, Thane organised inter-house handwriting competition for grade I to IX. On Friday 22 July 2016, the hands endowed with artistic strokes, sharpened pencils, pens jotted down the words sincerely and skillfully.
The passages related to conservation of natural resources were displayed on the digital boards. The students meticulously copied the passage with minimum cancellations and appropriate spellings, punctuation. In the classes there was silence but in the minds of the children there was great excitement to perform the best.
Dr. Madhuri Sagale,The Principal wished everyone all the best. Among the performers few best ones are going to be prize winners. However, being part of the competition all of the students have got opportunity to showcase their piece of handwriting. Everyone keeps in mind the positive spirit of healthy competition and awaits the results.