Opening For Teacher's



On 12th September, 2015 Orchids the International School-Thane, the best school in Majiwada had a Culminating activity on the Theme ‘Lifestyle’. K2 Students arrived at 9.00am and parents were called at 10.00am. After welcoming parents we started with dance performances by K2 students. K2 C class performed tribal dance,K2 B class performed rural dance and K2 A class performed urban dance. Brief description regarding all the communities was given to parents. Houses, Transport, Food, Clothing, Animals, Jewellery, Equipments and Technology of the communities were explained by students. Parents were very happy to see the students dancing and speaking so effectively and also appreciated teachers for their hard work. In Tribal community, fruit was served to the students and parents, In Rural community Bhakhri & Chutney was served and In Urban community Chat was served. Parents, students and teachers all enjoyed the program.