Opening For Teacher's

Know Your Teacher grade 1 to 9


This time we planned to conduct the KYT session for grade I-V differently.
We started the session with showcasing of a small movie on Save Trees (as the Theme of the academic year is Go Green) while the parents settled themselves.
Then Ms Afrin (PAC) welcomed the parents and invited Principal Ma’am Dr Madhuri Sagale to address the august gathering.
The visionary herself took the parents through the changes incorporated this academic year .The highlights were 1) assessments of activities, 2) spell it right ,3) vocabulary building, 4) Write right program that is an amalgamation of Spell it right and Write right program 5)Mental Maths period.
Then each subject teacher of the grade introduced themselves and informed about the books and notebooks. Followed by which weekend H.W ,Notebook policies ,H.W submission policy and the assessment pattern,  was discussed by Ms Shilpi R.Gupta(V.P) .
The last round was the query round which Principal Ma’am Dr. Madhuri Sagale personally took over and settled the raised queries in an amicable way.
After the session parents were requested to visit their wards classroom and go around the school to personally experience the changes incorporated in term of infrastructure & ambience.


Grade VI-IX the session was held in the individual classrooms .Parents were given roll number wise timing. Teachers had written on the board the names of the subject teachers  with classroom where they will be available so that the parents can meet them as well.