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Phonics Workshop


The parental role in the development of phonemic awareness is crucial in nearly childhood. In fact, during the kindergarten years, parents can help their children to build vocabulary, create interest in a variety of topics and build the background knowledge necessary for them to become successful readers. When parents give their children opportunities to experiment with language at home, they increase the probability that their children will develop the phonemic awareness they’ll need at school. In addition, engaging in phonemic awareness activities at home creates positive attitudes toward reading in children, allows parents to participate in their children’s early learning, and strengthens the parent-child bond.
With regards to this Orchids The International School, Thane organized a ‘PHONIC WORKSHOP’ for parents of K1 & K2. During this workshop they were taught about different components of phonological awareness like phonics, blends, diagraphs, sight words, family words, etc….They were told about teaching practices at Orchids, Thane that they can follow at home. The session included audio-visuals and different activities were planned to encourage the parent participation and keep the session exciting and fun. Best part of the session was wherein; Kids were encouraging their parents to say the phonic sounds correctly.