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Plantation on Environmental day


Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”On 1st July 2016 ,Tree Plantation program began in the campus of Orchids –The International School,Thane with students gathering in the ground. In the spirit of the day, they had brought pots to plant the saplings. The gardener helped them plant the saplings. . All the students were very enthusiastic and thoroughly enjoyed the planting process, even though they all got wet and muddy – they loved it. Vice Principal Mrs Shilpi Gupta along with CIC Mr Kadam and school EA Ms.Ranjeeta added to the feel of the event, they also took part in the event and planted trees. Tree planting event connected the students to the benefits of trees and fostered environmental sensitivity in them. It also brought them closer to the environment. The students enjoyed the activity thoroughly. Concurrently, this activity helped to raise awareness among the students about the importance of healthy and green environment in our lives and to solve the environmental issues by implementing some useful and effective environmental actions. The major takeaway for students from this activity was the realization that each one of us is responsible for preserving the environment and one should not wait or depend on the government or other social organizations working towards it.