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Swimming Activity for Pre-Primary


The ability to swim is an important survival skill, but swimming provides a number of health and fitness benefits as well. Swimming is one the few fitness activities that allows participates to engage every muscle in the body. With every new stroke a child learns, they will be developing self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment. Though swimming is generally an individual sport, swimming lessons will give your child an opportunity to develop their social skills. Many children take great pleasure from splashing around in water, whether it be in a bath, paddling pool, swimming pool or in the sea.
Swimming lessons are still one of the most popular extra-curricular activities that children enjoy. Parents’ enrol their child on swimming lessons for varying reasons, including safety, exercise and social interaction.
Looking into the above benefits, Orchids The International School, Thane, offers swimming as a special activity for children right from nursery. Children really enjoyed this activity to their fullest.