Opening For Teacher's

Talk on Health & Nutrition by K2 Students


Self-Confidence is that big thing without which you cannot achieve anything. Speech and drama activities are an ideal way to build self confidence in a child. The activities to build self confidence in a child are separated into ‘speech’ and ‘drama’ because although inextricably linked, they are different.
So taking this as a teaching tool ‘Orchids The International School Thane’ had arranged for JAM(Just A Minute)session for K2 children on 16th July 2016. They were given topic of Food Pyramid in which they had to speak on different food group of food pyramid.
Children were divided into different food groups of the pyramid. The child had to tell importance of the food items of that particular food group and also their favourite food item from that group. A skit was followed after this in which children depicted importance of Healthy Food over Junk Food. Later an exercise session was followed in which children demonstrated few exercises in which parents also participated.
The motive behind this program was to build self confidence among children, develop awareness about importance of healthy food and exercise in our life.