First Month of School

The first month of getting your child used to the routine of attending school can be quite a stressful one. We would like to make it relaxed for you by listing down a few tips:

1. Clear your own schedule. Be free and help your child acclimate to the school routine and overcome the confusion or anxiety that many children experience at the start of a new school year.

2. Set alarm clocks. Make your children to set their alarm clocks to get up in the morning. Praise them for prompt response to morning schedules and bus pickups.

3. Make sure your child has plenty of time to get up, eat breakfast and get to school. Pin to their shirt or backpack an index card with the needed information like teacher name, bus number and contact number.

4. Review your child’s schoolbooks. Talk about what your child will be learning during the year. Share your enthusiasm for the subjects and your confidence in your child’s ability.

5. Let your children know you care for them. Children absorb their parent’s anxiety, so model optimism and confidence for your child.

6. Do not overreact at the beginning. They might take some time to get adjusted to the environment.

7. Remain calm and positive. Give them confidence that no problem is going to occur in the new school and you and the school are always there for them to solve any problems.