The Five Minute Lunch Box

A lot of parents face the early morning rush of getting children ready for school, packing bags, water bottles and getting them dressed and many more. In the morning hustle bustle it becomes difficult to think what to pack in your child’s lunch box early morning. You can make packing and preparation of the lunch box a little more fun by planning ahead. Ask your children beforehand what they would like to eat the next day so that you can make some preparations while you are not presses for time.

It always a healthy option to add fruits to your kids lunch box. Try adding a little variety to the fruits by teaming them up with curds or cream at times. Don’t prefer vegetables always but try presenting it in a different way by cutting it in a different and attractive way. A variation in the filling of a sandwich or chapatti rolls can allow your child to explore their taste buds. It is the perfect time to make it a fun filled experience for yourself and an enjoyable, healthy eating experience for your child too.