Times of India Press visit
                      Terna Orchids-The International School, Koparkhairane organized an educational trip to the Times of India Press, Airoli for students of Grade V to Grade IX. The excitement of the      students was palpable as the buses entered the high security zone and a security brief was given to everyone. As they were taken around the unit, the journey of the newspaper, from its inception to it’s reaching our doorsteps, came to light. The production and marketing team of the Times group, explained in detail with live display of how the rolls of paper transform from mere blank sheets to the colourful and informative newspaper. Each step of the process - automated transportation of paper from the store on ground floor to the printing machine on the first floor, layout and stamping of content on photosensitive plates, mixing of four basic colours to get the final print, printing and drying, folding and packaging – was explained and illustrated in detail by the staff members. The students were fascinated to watch the huge machines at work and to see the final output of the vernacular newsprint being transported to various destinations. The students also asked a number of questions to understand the process better and were appreciated for their understanding and quest for knowledge. The students enjoyed the refreshments served and thanked the hosts profusely. It was indeed a memorable day for the students as learning happened out of the classroom!
Fit Hai Toh Hit Hai - Throw ball Match
                    Orchids-The International School-Pallagaly organised a Throw-Ball Inter-Section Match under their ‘Fit Hai Toh Hit Hai’ event organized for the students of Grade V on 21st April, 2018.  It was a day where sports took the front seat as even our Prime Minister, the Honourable Mr. Narendra Modi, has urged the country to devote time to sports.  Keeping this in mind and believing in the principle that sports help children become physically fit and achieve better academically, OISP supports and encourages sports.  Sports develops a sense of friendliness among children and develops team spirit in them.  It helps them develop mental and physical toughness and helps them shape their body and make it strong and active. So keeping this in mind the first sports competition organized by the school was in the form of a match of throw-ball.  Throw-ball is a game which can be won only with the collective effort of all team members.  It was first played in India as a women’s sport in Chennai during the 1940s. The game was played inthree rounds.  The game began with the parents of each section respectively picking up a chit for their section which decided which sections would compete against each other. The ball was set rolling by our respected Principal, Ms. Beena Nayken with the morale boosting handshake of the players and then flipping the coin to decide which team plays on which side of the court.  Round 1 saw Grade 5E competing against Grade 5A, Grade 5B competing against Grade 5C and Grade 5D was the lucky one which directly qualified for Round 2.  Grade 5E and Grade 5C were the winners of Round 1.  The semi-final was played between Grade 5C and 5D with Grade 5E qualifying for the final round directly.  Grade 5C was the winner of Round 2 and qualified for the final round. Before the final round, a friendly throw ball match was played, wherein parents were invited to play, which was thoroughly enjoyed by one and all.  The two teams, ‘Mumbai Indians’ and ‘Orchid Stickers’, respectively played an exciting match reinforcing the fact that sports has no age limit.  Orchid Stickers were the winners of the friendly match. The final round of the throw ball match was a nail-biting 21-point game between Grade 5C and 5E which was ultimately won by Grade 5C.  The event ended with the felicitation of the winners.  Bronze Medals were awarded to Grade 5D who secured the third position, silver medals were awarded to Grade 5E for securing second position and gold medals were awarded to Grade 5C who secured the first position, along with a rotating trophy.  A fact about sportswas rightfully reiterated by our respected Principal, Ms. Beena Nayken that ‘everystudent who participated was a winner because participation matters, enjoying the game matters, playing the sport matters.’ All in all such events will encourage students and parents to engage themselves in sports, which would ultimately lead to overall development, which is the ultimate goal and motto of the school.
Graduation Day
                          The academic year of 2017-18 has come to the threshold of a closure. Our K2 students will soon move to the Primary section. It is a transition from a fantasy, fun filled and hand holding years to getting them ready to take the first step towards the real world. A smooth transition at this conjuncture indeed plays an important part. A successful start is associated with progress and achievement in future. To honor our K2 students, our school had organized an event, ‘The Graduation Day’. The parents were invited to celebrate the occasion and be a part of the momentous day. The program started with a dance performance by the students. They rocked the floor as they danced on the song, ‘It’s a Beautiful Day.’ It was indeed a beautiful day, which the students expressed as they danced. The enthusiasm and excitement of one and all filled the air. The students were adorned in convocation capes. They were awarded with the graduation certificates.It was a moment of pride for the parents and the teachers as well. Our little Orchidians looked adorable.   The students were thrilled and excited and danced in exhilaration to the song ‘Goodbye Kindergarten.’ It was a heart touching moment, a moment of departing anxiety for the teachers and students alike. It is rightly said, ‘A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart’. Experiencing a mixed feeling of being sad yet happy at the same time was inevitable. The anxiety of parting with the students but for better prospects, matched no words. The parents were overwhelmed to see their tiny tots having grown up into confident kids. It befits to say that a teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instil the love of learning. We have given our students the vision to dream big. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. We believe that Graduation does not mark the end but is the advent of a new beginning. The event was a gesture to commemorate the achievements of each of our students, across the yester years and would be cherished forever.