Fit Hai Toh Hit Hai
                                 Games and sports are an integral part of a student's life. A student should study hard to be successful in competitive examinations, but he should also play games and sports to enjoy health and vigour of life. Sports also help build a sense of cooperation and team spirit within oneself. One such sport is Skating. It is divided in three categories, namely-Roller skating, In-line skating and Ice skating. Its utmost importance is, it helps in building strength especially in the muscles of the lower body. Stronger muscles and better coordination works together to prevent injuries and keep children active. Orchids-The International School-Pallaguly, keeping this in mind organised a Skating Competition under the ‘Fit Hai Toh Hit Hai’ event for the students of grades V-VIII on Saturday 25th November 2017. Students participated zealously under the segments of Roller skates and In-Line skates. Enthusiastic parents encouraged their children. The event was divided in two sessions according to grades. Winners along with earning brownie points for their houses also won medals. The first session saw a beautiful display of skating by grades V and VI. The display was followed by a competition in segments of Roller skating and In-Line skating. The winners for the first session of Roller skating were: First position was won by Jash Patel, Second position by Het Bafna and Third position by Yusuf Memon; whereas in In-line skating, First position was won by Mayank Tiwari, Second position by Ravi Choudhary and Third position by Kaundinya Bhatkar. The second session saw a mesmerising display of talent by students of grades VII-VIII by forming different formations of Zig-Zag, A.V. line, A. In a tough competition that followed, students competed with a spirit of sportsmanship and vigour. The winners for this session of Roller skating were: First position was won by Nikunj Cheddha, Second position by Ritik Choudhary, and Third position by Taksh Bhandari and In-Line skating competition was won by, Ayush Palwankar achieving First position, followed by Riyan Bhosale achieving Second position and Aman Shaikh achieving Third position. It was Carnation House that won most of the medals and points. A surprise was in-store for parents too. Mothers enjoyed an energetic session of Aerobics whereas, fathers enjoyed a healthy match of handball.
Science Junior Einstein Exhibition
                                    Success is a science ; if you have the conditions you have the result .-Oscar Wilde And the time was conducive for the budding Einsteins of OISJ. Rightly so , for they tasted success! At the first Inter Orchids Junior Einstein competition held at Nagarbhavi on the 18th November 2017, the students of OIS Jalahalli, presented a slew of working models besides a few experiments as a part of Science Junior Einstein Inter Orchids Exhibition . The competition was open for students of grades 5-9 , across all branches. Some of the models prepared entirely by the students and presented by them included :- Extraction of Rayon Fibre, Hydraulic JCB, A Floor cleaner , A drone, a washing machine, a natural water filter, animal cell etc. The enthusiasm of the students was palpable as they proceeded to exhibit their models .They were judged on creativity , originality , presentation and viva. It was commendable that most of them came out with flying colours and some bagged prizes too. The First place in Grade 8 was bagged by Eshan Bhatta who recreated the nylon fiblre under laboratory conditions. It was delightful to see the rayon fibre emerge from the viscous liquid. Shawna Rose George had made a floor cleaner which was automatic and mopped the dirty floor in an instant. Abhipa Samal bagged the third place for her hydraulic JCB. At the branch level two students Taruni of grade 6 and Shoaib of grade 7B secured the 3rd place . We are indeed proud of our young budding scientists!