To my mentor with love – Happy Teacher’s Day

Dear Teacher,

Today on 5th September, I am sure that this will be one of the rare letters that you will receive in this age of technology. Firstly, let me start by wishing you, a very happy teacher’s day.

By this point of life I have figured out that life is not a series of individual events, but an ongoing journey. I want to take out a few minutes from this journey, to write to you.

I write this to express my gratitude and respect. For today, after all these years as I reflect back on my life, I realize that you have had a tremendous contribution in making me who I am.

Happy Teacher's DayI remember, as child when I first stepped into the class how you went an extra mile to ensure that you were a mother away from home. I was not afraid to make a mistake as you always taught me that with each mistake comes a lesson and that we grow as a person, and trust me dear teacher, I know what you meant, now. As I watch my children grow into an independent and confident individual in this fast paced world, I make sure that I impart the lessons of life that you painlessly conveyed to me, to them. Dear teacher, you were right that after a point in life our grades would not matter, but our values will.

I wish to let you know, that even today when I taste success, I think of you. I still live by your philosophy of – Do not show your children your outcome without showing your journey. Let them not know your success without knowing your struggle. Let them not remember your actions without remembering your principles. I thank you for being a part of my life.

I wish to part with this quote by Aristotle:

“Those who educate children well are more to be honored than they who produce them; for these only gave them life, those the art of living well.”

Your Student