Parent Ranting

Ranting means To speak or write in an angry or emotionally charged manner, rave.Yes, you read it right! It is not a typing error. Every parent rants. Rant means to speak or shout at length in an angry and impassioned way.

A father usually takes out his work related frustrations on the child or the mother who in turn does the same. The child being the youngest bears the brunt of it all. This in turn leads to his/her becoming a recluse. He/She closes his/her mind to the outside world, the very world that should be feeding on his/her dreams and ambitions, instead poisons him/her.


This in turn affects his/her performance academically or otherwise. He/She leans more and more towards electronic media, and becomes an introvert. Then we start ranting about him/her being an introvert. Go out and play we tell him/her when we ourselves are to blame for him/ her becoming an introvert!!!! When a family should be bonding and creating life’s best memories, those very years are all wasted.

This need not be the case.

What can we do to stop this nuisance?

We need to realise. Realisation is always the beginning. We should realise that these children are like flowers. We can water
them and nurture them instead of suffocating them. We need to be aware every moment that they are the reason our lives are
like bright sunny days and not a dark overcast sky.


We need to nurture and guide them and transform these beautiful flowers into even better and rarer orchids.

Please stop ranting start parenting.

Mr.Sunil Khadawala.

Parent of Haely Khadawala (Grade IX)

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