Best Things to Follow in this Monsoon

Orc-Jul24-Blog-1-300x225Living in Bangalore makes you to enjoy the salubrious and beautiful weather. Do your kids love to step out of your home when it is rainy? Keep your family healthy in this monsoon by following simple tips:

Avoid getting wet in the rain

Kids coming from the schools often get caught in rains. The rain water can cause fever or cold. So, avoid getting wet in the rain and it is advised to carry an umbrella or a rain coat during this season.

Do not use wet and dirty clothes

Children must avoid using wet and dirty clothes, since it facilitates the growth of germs that can cause skin infections and other diseases.

Foods to be avoided in monsoon season

Avoid eating foods from road side shops, junk foods like pizza, French fries, donuts, burgers, etc and sea foods and meats as they lead to disorders. Reduce oily foods in your diet.

Make your kids consume dry foods, green vegetables, fruits and cereals. Use of ginger, garlic, turmeric and jeera in the diet are essential as they upsurge the immunity in the body. Also, enjoy hot drinks like tea, coffee with ginger or mint that fights against the infecting germs.

Get ready for this monsoon with these simple tips!