Do You Restrict Your Children More than that is Needed?

Blog-Post-Aug-20Restriction comes from parents in many ways, right from eating chocolates to gulping on soft drinks like Cocoa Cola or Pepsi. How do your children react when you restrict too much on something? According to the research, restricting chocolate consumption is indeed an effective means to promote healthier eating habits. However, the restriction in long term is more likely to bring in the same behaviour of excessive chocolate consumption that you are trying to prevent. The registered nutritionist Carina Norris suggests, “While banning foods that children like is generally counterproductive, many eat far more chocolate at Easter than is good for them.” The best solution is that neither ban chocolate completely nor allow unlimited consumption. But go for the moderation approach! Remember, your upbringing do immensely affect your child’s health. So, what is your approach to this kind of problem?