Embrace the Love of Reading Habits

DSC01489Reading is a significant aptitude that needs to be established in every kid. This activity is necessary for the kids to improve their listening as well as speaking skills. Reading activity in kid enhances 75% of development in brain especially during the age of 0 to 3 years. Reading audibly to your child is a perfect and common activity that can be maintained for years and it’s a prominent method of motivating him or her reading. Encourage your child to start reading books as reading is the ultimate method where he or she can get to know more words at the very small age. In addition, it keeps your child’s brain active, keeping it strong and healthy. The ability to analyze the circumstances comes in handy as they grow up.

At Orchids The International School, we support and nurture the children to enhance the habit of reading. We organized a book fair recently in our school premises in which many parents and their kids participated and purchased books of their own interest. We have also started a club called Books Club where students register and pick their favourite books from hobbies, story books to study skills, science and activity to enhance their reading skills.