How to overcome the fear of dark in a child?

orchids_21-300x187This is common in all kids and school children and the fear occurs in kids at that age. They feel scared especially when staying alone in a darkened room at bedtime without the parents or when they get awakens at mid-night. It is the responsibility of the parents to make the kid understand that dark is just a place without light. Parents can follow these measures to make child overcome the fear of darkness.

Using a Night Lamp – A light at room can relieve your kids from fear to some extent and even if he or she wakes up at night.

Stay with your kids even after switching off the lights for some time and help them to handle that dark and how to look at things differently.

Talk with your child gently about the fear and make the kid understand that god is the superior power and if needed keep a god picture near to the bed of your kid.

Leave the door of your kid’s room opened slightly and insist him or her that you are not far away.