Restrict TV Viewing Hours for Kids

orchids_blogpost1TV is a common appliance that is found in each and every home today. As the technology expands, lots of new features are added to this entertainment device. Many channels entertain and provide knowledge to the kids. Even though your child gets entertained by watching cartoons and useful knowledge gaining shows on television it is not advisable to watch TV more than 2 hours a day for the kids. It affects the vision and also declines the imagination and thinking capacity of the kid. The food is usually served while watching TV and it is definitely a bad thing that will affect your child’s health. Moreover, the child gets addicted to watch a specific program which has no positive or good values to learn. So, prevent your child from watching TV for a long time. Make your kid to play outdoor game or try to divert them by telling stories, and interact more with kids about their day in the school.