Spanking Your Child is Not a Good Sign

smacking-300x200Though smacking has been a part of our culture, the downside to smacking is that the children feel emotionally hurt. Every parent behaves in a different way when it comes to disciplining their children. Some shot while few smack. Eventually parents want the children to behave better and less stressed. Positive parenting is the key to discipline your kids. It takes time and effort to become better parents. Smacking may look like it is the best behaviour to gain control over your kids, leading them to realize their mistakes or to make them apologetic. But it leads to undesirable long-term consequences. Here are the tips to deal with your kids without any harsh punishment:

How to be a great parent without smacking

1. Show your child that you love and care more

2. Set clear cut rules and limits and be consistent in meeting them

3. Appreciate good behaviour by giving rewards

4. Ignore those annoying tantrums as much as possible

5. Teach your children to make their choice and encourage group discussions

6. Distract your children to lighten up difficult situations

7. Criticize that frustrating behaviour but not your child

8. Lead them by your own example