Why Physical Activities Are Necessary In Schools?

Orc-Jun29-Blog1-300x241Schools have a responsibility to promote the health of students by conducting various physical activities, which form the base in developing creative and intellectual thinking of the child. In the past years of school history, students were engaged in some physical activities in interval breaks or at lunch breaks. They had more fun when technology was not much into the picture. In recent years the situation has changed. It’s a high-tech world that you and I live in. These are the times where children are allured to the video games, playing for a long hours of time without any physical activity.

A lot students go to schools by buses, cabs or by own vehicles due to which they lack behind in accomplishing their physical activities. Research among the school kids has proven high level of cholesterol as there is an imbalance in diet to that of the physical tasks they do.

Parents are now aware of the importance of physical activities and they are more health consciousness, instilling good eating habits to their kids. Also, there is awareness among the parents on the importance of physical activities. The emerging trends have changed the management authorities of schools to renew and extend their part of responsibilities to enroll themselves in promoting physical activities and school games for the kids. At Orchids The International School, we support and encourage our students to engage in various physical activities from skating to swimming and other games. In addition to academics, we pay equal attention towards physical activities, inspiring our school children to live a healthy life.