Post examination fun!

img1Post examination fun!

So here I was, waiting at the gate to welcome Shreya from school. What would I do from tomorrow? It almost felt like it was the last day of MY exams. Except that I didn’t know what I was going to do from tomorrow! It seemed suddenly so empty, to not have a study plan for the next day, no timetable and no set routine. While I was still contemplating my plan for the next few days of holidays, a fellow parent and neighbour joined me at the gate. We both waited for the bus to arrive and I thought it would be a good idea to ask her what HER plans were.

“A trip out of the city, obviously, Pooja! How else to spend vacations?”

That was her simple answer. It only muddled my thought line more. Going to a holiday spot was simply not possible now with my elder one Neha in the mid of a semester at college.I saw Shreya’s bus turning around the corner. Soon as she got off the bus, I ventured to ask her-“How was your exam Shreya? Did you know all the answers?”

“Mom, it went well..and this is the last time you are going to speak about exams. It is over now !! Can we call Deepa to stay over for the holidays? Now that we can’t go anywhere because of Neha!! ”

Before my elder one could retort and start a fight, I decided to quickly intervene. “Yes yes, I have so many plans for this vacation Shreya. Now quickly eat these rotis, I will tell you all about them.”

“Mom, I am going to join Megha’s art classes…I need to buy all the material for that. When can we go?”


We made a plan to visit the market the next day. With the festival season in full swing, we found a lot of pretty decorative stuff in the shops.

“Mom, look, these diyas are so pretty. Can we buy them? We could paint them with the colour paints we just bought!! And we could decorate them with those pretty stones.”

We bought all the materials we needed, loaded it into the car, reached home and then busied ourselves with dinner preparations.

The next day, Shreya and I got busy planning for the week ahead. It was exciting to plan. We decided to paint the diyas the same day. We called over Shreya’s friends to help us and started our project. Soon pretty diyas coloured bright and adorned with stones were getting ready. Shreya and her friends were proud of their creations. During the painting session, Neha also joined us whenever it was possible for her. It was a long time since I hadsuch fun with my girls.

Post the diya painting session, we decided the menu for dinner and saw that we required a few ingredients to be purchased. We all piled into the car and picked up the groceries for the evening. The girls were very helpful while picking up the groceries. They seemed to know so much about nutrient value too!

img4img3The cooking session was a huge success. I never knew that twelve year olds could actually come out with fancy recipes and cook full meals. I learnt a few good recipes that day from Shreya’s friends.

At the end of the day, I realized that this day had been busier than the previous exam week. We had made plans for going to the movies tomorrow and we had also drawn an elaborate cleaning plan for her room too. She had come to me in the morning and asked me to help her sort out the stuff in her room. Her cousins were coming in a week’s time after their exams and the cleaning HAD to be completed before that, she had declared!

By the end of that week I realized that the first week of holidays had been so much fun and I had had such fun times with my daughters. How important it is to spend such quality time with our near and dear ones! Shreya had been such a good girl during the exams- planning and organizing study schedules, sticking to it and handling her exams with ease. It was a much needed break and I was glad that we were able to do so much being right at home. Just the previous week I had been so worried about how to spend the holidays and here I am now, trying to fit in so many activities every day!!

[As parents, we often get stuck in our duties and roles. It is important to think from the child’s point of view also. Take time off, plan outings with your child, do activities with them, join for parent-child classes etc. A child’s way of enjoyment may not always match with parents, but it does no harm to do it their way. ]

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