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English Activity- Grade: 2


(IN First Part)
Things Mr. Nobody Does

The children of Grade 2 participated in a paper activity on the 5th July where they had to write the things Mr. Nobody does. This activity was conducted based on the poem “Mr. Nobody”. The character is an invisible naughty young child. The poem teaches us not to blame others for the mistakes we do. The children were divided into 4 groups. Each group was given a blank paper. Each child had to write down the things that Mr. Nobody would do according to him, fold the paper and pass it on to the others in the group. The others were not shown what the previous one had written. At the end one child was asked to come and read the entire list written on the paper. The children wrote this with colour pens.

(IN Second Part)
Double Dose Technique

To make the poem of “Mr. Nobody” more interesting the students of Grade 2 were seen using the double dose reading technique. The activity was conducted on 5th July and was highly enjoyed by all. The students were divided into 2 teams – one the boys and one of the girls. The girls started saying the first stanza and this was followed by the boys saying the second stanza. The poem was thus said twice in this way. They children immensely enjoyed the way of saying the poem.