Opening For Teacher's



“Our family is a circle of strength of love with every birth and every union the circle grows.”
A family offers a myriad of benefits for adults and children. Family means everything in the world to a person.  Strong Familial bonds provide a secure foundation in a child’s life. As the culminating day of the theme  ” Me, Myself and My Family”, children of Pre Nursery, Nursery and K1 celebrated this joyous occasion along with the members of their family on 6th August 2016. The entire Pre primary wing resonated with the laughter and excitement of the children and their parents. The well decorated rooms were appreciated and admired by all. Families were welcomed with heartfelt greetings and warm smiles by the teachers. The art activities were enjoyed a lot especially dipping palms in bright colours to create the Family Tree. The Photo booth was a hit with all. The parents enjoyed using the various props and clicking pictures.  In the games conducted, children were thrilled to see their moms and dads running with balloons to the finishing line! There were a few heart touching moments when the grand dads and grand moms engaged the children in all the activities and their love very evident in their eyes! The positive feedback received from the parents gave the teachers a great boost of confidence that they were on the right track!!! This was indeed a day to remember!!!