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Ganit week day 3 -Vedic Maths


As a part of Assembly for Ganit Week,Orchids The International School-Nigdi, one of the most famous CBSE schools near Ravet, had a session on Vedic Math which was conducted by the Maths teacher Ms.Rajshri on 2/12/2015. With an increase of interest in ancient Sanskrit text, ancient Vedic Mathematics was rediscovered by Swami Bharati Krishna Tirthaji. Vedic Math leads to developing problem solving ability and it also leads to the development of creative intelligence. It sharpens the mind through concentration and functioning of both sides of the brain. Using Vedic math, one can solve 14 digit sums in 10 to 12 seconds. All this was explained to the students with examples.The session was very informative for the students and also interactive as few students were called upon to use the formulae taught.