Opening For Teacher's

Grade 2 Jainism and Christanity Festival talk


As an extension of the lesson ‘Celebrating Together’ in EVS Grade 2, volunteers were invited to talk about different festivals. The co-ordinator addressed Grade 2 students and spoke about Jainism by displaying a story on the digiboard at Orchids the International School-Nigdi, a famous school in Nigdi Pradhikaran, . The festival of ‘Paryushan’ celebrated by Jains was also explained to the students. Later the palasha teacher spoke about Christianity and celebrations of Christians. A video was shown to the students and an activity was conducted. Teachers addressed the students and spoke about Hinduism and Sikhism and the associated festivals. Gurus and their teachings was also highlighted to the students. Students were able to learn about the different festivals celebrated by different religions of India.