Opening For Teacher's

K1 and K2 Mud Day


Playing in the mud can lift your mood, irrespective of your age! International mud day on 29TH June, was a day when kids enjoyed outside to create happy memories with the one most primal element in our world: Nature. Mud play, a delightfully sensory experience – can help children to learn and develop .Having an area outdoors provides a space for children to retreat to for some time alone in a soothing sensory experience or to play with peers co-operating, communicating, negotiating and sharing. We are creating the experiences, the memories and the childhoods of today’s children. The sweet little kids of OISN were so terribly excited at the prospect of playing in mud! They had a gala time creating and moulding things out of wet mud like castles , mud pies , cakes and splashy pools !They loved getting dirty and messy too!