Opening For Teacher's

Pre-Primary Reopening day


The new academic year for 2016 -17 for Pre Primary started on Friday,3rd June 2016 for Pre Nursery and Nursery classes and on Wednesday, 8th June 2016 for K 1 and K 2 classes. This was a much awaited day for both the children as well as the teachers as it marked the beginning of a new year filled with excitement, learning, growing and grooming at all levels.

Children initially came to school for some time to get accustomed to the new atmosphere. Teachers welcomed the children with open hearts and smiles. The classrooms were decorated with balloons and streamers and the outer boards displayed a WELCOME theme. Various activities like rhyme time, drawing and scribbling were conducted in class. Children enjoyed mingling with their new friends! They went home happily taking the cute takeaways that their teachers had prepared for them!