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Sense activity K2 A B C


In K2 Body parts theme is going on. So we conducted an activity to make our students aware of “senses”.
Orchids, The International School, Nigdi conducted an activity for K2 students to make them aware about senses and to recall the different parts of the body and function of the different sense organ on 17/06/2016 in respective classrooms. The students were explored to five senses of Touch,Smell,Taste,Hear,Sight through fun filled activities .They were given scrub, soft ball,plastic bags and cotton balls to identify soft and Hard touch. Flower , perfume and powder was given to them to smell and identify the sense of smell. They were asked to close their eyes and identify the sense of hear sense.Sugar, sour and salt water was given to them for taste n identify sense of taste. Different colors, color full picture was shown to them for sight sense.