Opening For Teacher's

Visit of an Author


Orchids the International School, Nigdi had arranged a visit of an author, Mr Parag Kulkarni on Saturday 30th July ‘2016 to explain students the importance of reading.
Students of Grades III to VI were made aware of how once passion and hobby can also become a profession. Mr. Kulkarni has published a book on nuclear disarmament ‘The Peacemakers’. He shared his interest in astronomy, science and his regular habit of taking notes while visiting museums from a very young age has given him the flair to develop the plot of his book.
He is about to publish his second book soon, and was kind enough to gift his book to the school library. Mr. Kulkarni elucidated the importance of reading and also explained how reading improves our memory. Students also understood that reading also improves focus and concentration.
It helps in developing verbal abilities and improves one’s imagination.
He also highlighted that reading makes one smarter, discovers and creates oneself.
Reading also helps in reducing stress. Students enjoyed the session and understood that reading is not only important to gain pleasure but also for one to develop one’s personality.