Report on Edu-Sports Activities Conducted for Children and Their Parents

It is well said by Vince Lombardi that – ‘Winning isn’t everything…..but, wanting to win is..

We at Orchids the International School, Jalahalli, Bangalore, conducted  Edu-sports activities on 17/11/2013, Sunday.  Fifty-four students of grade I, II and III participated in these activities with their parents. These activities were conducted for duration of 3hours. We commenced the programme at 9.00 am and dispersed at 12.30pm.

The Principal of OIS welcomed the parents and introduced the team of   Edu-Sports. Edu-Sports activities are scientifically structured physical activities. We initiated to introduce and educate our parents towards these activities. These physical exercises facilitate children to grow strong and build stamina as to take up any sports in their future.

Students of grade I participated in Zig -Zag run and Bean bag balancing along with their parents. These activities focus upon the development of motor skills, balancing and body management at one hand and on the other hand it develops concentration level in students.

Students of grade II and III participated in Obstacle race -hurdle as well as basket ball dribble. These activities also develop loco motor and manipulative skills along with eye-hand coordination.

The Principal awarded medals to the winners at the end of these activities.  The parents expressed their happiness and satisfaction towards conducting these physical activities for their children. They understood more about Edu-sports.

Thus OIS and parents came together and spent Sunday to know the benefits of Edu-Sports.

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