Kite Flying Event at Orchids, Bangalore


Birds fly at great heights migrating across the oceans every year. The man-made machines like aeroplanes fly anywhere across the sky. Even kits fly into the air. So, what’s the secret behind flying at great heights? Is it the wings or any scientific mechanism that makes them fly? Children are always curious to ask questions like how and why. Orchids The International School, Bangalore ignites the anxious minds of Grade IV and V students by organizing a Kite Flying Activity on January 10, 2014. The students found this activity more enjoyable as they flew kits with the help of their friends and our facilitators.

Who flew the first kit in the history or how did we all come to know there is something called “kite flying”? The history of kite flying dated back to 1773-1857 where Sir George Cayley, the aeroplane pioneer constructed his first successful model glider by learning about the unusual nature of the wind. Each budding Orchidian understood that Aero Modelling is not only an activity but can be taken as a hobby to develop interest towards science behind flying.

The children had so much fun and it was a wonderful experience for them. Read to know what some of our children at Orchids The International School in Bangalore wants to share their experiences of this colourful and motivating event.

Nikhil Verma (V): It was an amazing experience. It inspired and motivated me to learn about acoustics and Bernoulli’s principle.

Tanvi Vishwakarma (V): I enjoyed a lot. I would love to explore and learn more about mechanism behind kite flying.

Mohit Jain (IV): It was really interesting .I learnt how to fly a kite.

Sanskriti(IV) : Flying a kite was great fun . It was also very relaxing.

Aditi (IV): I decided to become a pilot as I want to touch the sky like a kite.

Owee (V): I thought kite flying will be very easy but I was thrilled to discover that there lot of science involved in it.

Darshan: I am very happy as after taking so many attempts my kite finally touched the sky. Today I learnt not to give up in any circumstance