Are you a mom or dad? Is your mobile phone usage high? Watch out!

Orc-Jun5-12-300x218Mobile phone is one of the great inventions to stay in touch with anyone, anytime, anywhere. There is no doubt it! However, your mobile phone usage is going to affect your kids’ trait. Want to know how? According to Dr. Geoffrey Miller at the University of New Mexico, there is a close link between genes and consumer behaviour. You may think your son or daughter has taken after your father or mother. What about your kid’s consumer behaviour in terms of mobile phone usage? If your mobile phone usage is high, it is likely that your kids will have that same trait.

Dr. Miller also added, “One of the big misconceptions that almost everybody has is that you can only have genes for things that evolved in the past. That was one of the things we wanted to demonstrate in an in-your-face way: that even with a technology that’s only been around for a couple of decades, you can still have these latent genetic influences that will shape people’s personality traits, their interests, their styles of social interaction”.

What is your decision today?