Colouring is Therapeutic plus an Art of Self Expression

Orc-Jun5-2-300x225What a lovely scene to watch your kid picking up a colour and starting to scribble! Whether it is scribbling or not, she or he is colouring the best picture ever.

There is something about colouring. Whenever your child holds a coloured pencil, it helps to strengthen and develop hand muscles, building motor skills. Your child is completely focussed while colouring in a colouring sheet. Therefore, your kids’ concentration power increases as well as the hand-eye coordination. There are times when your kids get frustrated and start to throw tantrums. Did you know that people vent their emotions and feelings through colouring? Colouring is a great stress buster.

Give your child a blank canvas today and observe what your kid is feeling the way he or she is colouring.