International Day of Families

Orc-Blog-3-265x300A family architecture is built on four sturdy pillars – love, commitment, integrity and hope. If any of the pillars is distorted slightly, the whole family architecture becomes shaky after a certain period of time. It poses a potential risk of falling down anytime when you least expect. Every family is different. As everyone lives in the fast paced world, face to face interaction has becoming less. With electronic gadgets as smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. becoming the best companions, face to face interaction is becoming less. The often used statement is “Hectic Day and No Time to Talk”. Are you slowly falling into this category? Keep a watch!

Here comes a day to take time to think about your own family and analyze how to build a strong relationship. Do check if these four pillars are strong enough to preserve your family bonding and maintain your relationship with your children? As we all celebrate International Day of Families, let’s remember to spend time with our loved ones every day.

Have a healthy and happy relationship with your family!