May 12 – A Day Exclusively for Moms

Mothers-DayNo one has seen God. But there are angels who walk in this earth with heavenly smiles on their faces. Who is that cute angel in your home? It is your loving mom! Even before you born, she knew your heart beat. Mothers are the symbol of unconditional love without limitations. She cries when you cry and smiles when you smile. She is the one who wakes you up to go to the school on time and packs your lunch boxes. She takes care of you in every way. She thinks of you first more than anything. Thank her for being there.

Every little thing you do for your mother makes her life more colourful and meaningful. She doesn’t expect anything from you. Say how much you love her. Life is short. We all live only once and there is no coming back after our life is over. So, treasure every moment you spend with your mom.

Happy Mother’s Day!