Prepare Your Child for a New School Year

boy-backpack-300x264It is just a week before the first days of school and the last-minute shopping trip for school supplies is still pending. And you sigh! There is something important to do more than your last-minute errand. Is your child ready to go to the school? Is he or she is mentally prepared to adapt to the new school environment? You may ask how to know whether a child is mentally prepared or not. Well, here are three things you should need to consider.

1. Sleep

Have your family sleeping time has been pushed back because it is a summer vacation? Elementary school children needs about 10 or 11 hours sleep at night. Encourage your kids to get to bed early in the night, helping them to adjust their sleep pattern before school starts.

2. Food

Children love to eat snacks at regular intervals. Make plans to pack well-balanced lunches in your child’s attractive new lunchbox. Sometimes you may get frustrated to see those or sandwiches or mixed rice come back untouched. To avoid annoying situation, provide a protein rich breakfast plus healthy lunch. Protein boosts your child’s energy level and he or she will be ready to start the day with high energy.

3. Break Time

How often your child takes a break to go to the bathroom at home? Do you think your little kid will have wetting problems in school? To avoid any embarrassing situation, have a talk with your child on taking bathroom breaks. Let him or her know about school bathroom rules. Tell your kid not to feel shy to ask for permission to leave the room.

Hope the aforementioned facts are helpful for you to prepare your children before they beckon the new school year.

Happy and Healthy School Year!

Remember if this habit persists for the next few days, you are going to be frustrated for that untouched lunch that you would be packing for the